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OOOPStudio is an artistic project born in 2010 by video designers Alessandro Grisendi and Marco Noviello. Their artworks concretize visionary ideas through elaborations starting from real data to give rise to new forms, unreleased creations abstracted from simple representation and digitally rendered through the fusion and confluence of natural elements that find new life and correspondence in technology. The result is a unique synthesis, presented as a manifesto about considerations on time, its becoming and its freezing, respectively permitted by the loop and the boxing of the video.

Natural events and historical and human facts are redesigned preserving their primal substance, shaped through the distortion allowed by technology to describe connections with reality, in a completely new way. Nature, omnipresent entity, is important because of its lack of rhetoric. Without qualities or negative aspects, it is simply right: a background that participates in all social aspects, nature guards and succumbs on man who continually attacks and exploits it, underestimating its fragility and power. In many works, nature is celebrated but also sought and recreated, in dialogue with contemporaneity, technology and urban context. Without embracing any ideology, Ooopstudio approaches art by digging into the depths of the human story using the digital device as the most appropriate means to express the present era, flexible and ductile in allowing both creation and presentation, both narration and action.

Art, technology and people build a fundamental network of connections for the entire creative process that becomes immersive and vital, canalized into the creation of evocative experiences that involve viewers within the development and evolution of a story.


Artists also carry out projects for theater, music, ephemeral exhibitions, festivals and performances, collaborating with prestigious artistic and cultural institutions such as the Venice Biennale, La Scala Theater (Milan), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (Farnesina -Rome), Staatstheater in Hannover, Nationale Opera & Ballet / Dutch National Opera & Ballet in Amsterdam and many more.


OOOPStudio modus operandi based on the creation of an original video and graphic expression, offering a unique and distinctive contribution to the direction of projects focused in the area of ​​audiovisual performances, theater and project mapping, giving particular emphasis to the narrative aspect. The entire creative process, from concept to final production, is developed thanks to the exchange and continuous and mutual contact, in close collaboration with its commissioners and artistic professionals involved.

Artistic Direction

3D & 2D motion graphics

Projection mapping

Audiovisive Performance

VFX & Post-production

Graphic design

Sound Design


2024 | ARIAI – Bright Festival Florence 2024
2024 | KAIROS – Video Mapping Contest – Lille (F) 2024
2024 | [Appartenenze] 20.20 – MUSA Museo de las Artes de la Universidad de
Guadalajara _ Mexico

2023 | Rossini&Rossini – Teatro Opera di Roma, Roma (IT) 

2023 | Bosco Mistico – 1.1_ZENONEcontemporanea | Fotografia Europea 2023 Reggio Emilia (IT)
2023 | Solitude Sometimes (Philippe Kratz) – Teatro alla Scala, Milano (IT)

2022 | Il Mito di Fetonte– Modena (IT)
2022 | Frames of Humanity – Calton Hill, Edinburgh (SCO)
2022 | Trajectory (Kihako Narisawa) – Sadler’s Wells Theater, London (GB)
2022 | [Appartenenze] Italian Digital Art Experience – MEET Digital Culture Center, Milano (IT)
2022 | Frames of Humanity, Lille (F)
2021 | Luce dal Caos – Modena (IT)
2021 | Belonging [of Shadows] – Fete de Lumiere, Lyon (F)
2021 | Madina – Teatro alla Scala, Milano (IT)
2021 | Blooming Festival, Pergola (IT)
2021 | Prometheus – Dutch Nationale Opera & Ballet, Amsterdam (NL)
2021 | Grand Prize Winners at See | Me Art Takes – Ki Smith Gallery, New York (USA)
2020 | [Appartenenze]20.20 Immersive Project – Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig (D)
2019 | Legacy – Farnesina Digital Art Experience, Roma (IT)
2019 | Der Prozess – Czech National Theater (CZ)
2018 | Nidra – Biennale Musica Venezia (IT)
2018 | Alice – Dortmund Theater (D)
2017 | La Grande Madre – Reggio Emilia (IT)
2017 | Narcissus – Aterballetto, Teatro Piccolo di Milano (IT)

2016 | Agorà – Reggio Emilia (IT)
2015 | Cinderella – Teatro alla Scala, Milano (IT)
2015 | Nidra – Queens New Music Festival, New York (USA)
2015 | Der Prozess – Staatsoper Hannover (D)
2015 | Lego – Aterballetto, Teatro Comunale Modena (IT)
2014 | Alice – Gauthier Dance, Teatherhaus Stuttgart (D)
2013 | Appartenenze – “In C” Terry Reley_Icarus Ensemble, Reggio Emilia (IT)
2012 | Il Cielo Stellato Sopra di Me… – Chiostri di San Pietro, Reggio Emilia (IT)
2012 | Pinocchio Nero – Galerie Eulenspiegel, Basel (CH)
2012 | Appartenenze – Fotografia Europea, Reggio Emilia (IT)


OOOPStudio s.n.c. di Grisendi e Noviello | via Aldo Moro 32, 42020 Albinea (RE) | P.Iva 02656500358 |