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Prometheus – Ballet


Dutch Nationale Opera & Ballet (2021)  – The legend of Prometheus tells of the titan who stole fire from gods and brought it to men, thus giving rise to human existence. Because of this action of defiance and rebellion, Prometheus was chained by Zeus and sent into exile to the ends of the Earth…

In collaboration with Dutch Nationale Opera & Ballet of Amsterdam, OOOPStudio created the visual design for the scenography of the dance show Prometheus accompanied by the music of Beethoven. This all-embracing artwork is a perfect blend of various arts and professionals working together to produce a complete and harmonious product, in which each part is fundamental and in dialogue with the others.

The achieved images are the result of a multisensory inspirations and interaction with the musical context and the movement of dance, evoking the processes that lead to the birth of the human being, the true protagonist of the whole story. The sense of becoming is connected to the transformations of the matter projected into the scenography, from arid earth to clay, then to fire and lava. Each element has been transformed, digitized and processed according to the visual rendering and style of OOOPStudio, bringing a unique artistic vision into the show.


Production: Dutch Nationale Opera & Ballet

Choreography : Wubkje Kuindersma-Ernst Meisner-Remi Wörtmeyer

Set Design and Costumes: Tatyana van Walsum

Light Design: Carlo Cerri

Visual Design: OOOPStudio

Dramaturgy: Willem Bruls

Conductor: Marzio Conti