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APPARTENENZE 20.20 – ESPRONCEDA Institute of Art&Culture


OOOPStudio presented the project [APPARTENENZE] 20.20

The concept of belonging (Appartenenze) is based on the combination and fusion between gender and people, a topic that has always crossed the common space of our planet. This worldwide network of flows originates from a single place and unifies different ethnic groups, becoming indistinguishable, showing only single fragments that become part of a single concept, that of belonging.

Farnesina Digital Art Experience has been traveling to several countries hosting major digital art events with the aim to present original artworks by renowned Italian studios. A journey through multimedia narratives that illustrate the most innovative techniques and language of contemporary digital art, now arriving for the first time in Barcelona on the occasion of Loop City Screen

The exhibition is cur ted by Stefano Fake @immersive_art_experiences and Savina Tarsitano @savinatarsitano.
The project is promoted by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. The exhibition in Barcelona is organized thanks to the Italian Institute of Culture in Barcelona @iicbarcellona, the Italian Embassy in Madrid @italyinspa, and the Consulate General. The organization is held by Bright Festival @BrightFestival and ImmersiveExperience.Art @Immersiveartexperience