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[Appartenenze] 20.20 Italian Digital Art Experience – MEET Digital Culture Center


From July 6th to August 31st, you can immerse yourself in the immersive, videomapping and light artworks produced by the 27 Italian digital art studios of our network, which have surprised and fascinated visitors from all over the world. A journey through visuals, sounds and digital narrations Made in Italy, designed to offer an overview of the styles, languages and techniques used in producing shows and digital content of the highest level.
Italian Digital art Experience is an exhibition by MEET Digital Culture Center.
OOOPStudio presented the project [APPARTENENZE] 20.20

The concept of belonging (Appartenenze) is based on the combination and fusion between gender and people, a topic that has always crossed the common space of our planet. This worldwide network of flows originates from a single place and unifies different ethnic groups, becoming indistinguishable, showing only single fragments that become part of a single concept, that of belonging.


Photo @LucaMarenda @LorenzoBasadonnaScarpa