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[Appartenenze] 20.20 – MUSA Museo de las Artes de la Universidad de Guadalajara _ Mexico


OOOPStudio presents its work [APARTENENZE] 20.20 in Mexico

The concept of belonging (Appartenenze) is based on the combination and fusion between gender and people, a topic that has always crossed the common space of our planet. This worldwide network of flows originates from a single place and unifies different ethnic groups, becoming indistinguishable, showing only single fragments that become part of a single concept, that of belonging.

Immersive Digital Art Experience travelled to different countries hosting major digital art events with the aim of presenting original works of art from renowned international studios. A journey through multimedia narratives illustrating the most innovative techniques and languages of contemporary digital art, coming for the first time to MUSA – Museo de las Artes of the University of Guadalajara in Mexico

As part of the Guadalajara International Book Fair and the exhibition “Artistic Expressions in Contemporary Europe”, an immersive digital art experience featuring the works of 40 European creators will be on display from 24 November 2023 to 24 February 2024 “Immersive digital art experiences: a sensory journey into the world of the imagination”, curated by Stefano Fake @immersive_art_experiences.