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Luce dal Caos

CATEGORIE : MAPPING 31 December 2021

“The most terrible of all terrible things is man”

It is a journey told by light, where the real and the imaginary overlap and chase each other, stimulated by a real technological short circuit.

The perception of the beholder is stimulated, absorbed and mocked by the deception of sight, by the illusion of real images that go beyond reality.

A material as hard as the stone of the Modena Cathedral, already molded in architectural and figurative forms, abandons its hardness and is transformed; it becomes the support of visions and vision itself. This stone becomes the witness and protagonist of a visual reflection on the presumed order of things.

That celestial vault towards which we now turn our gaze is no longer inhabited by the Gods who ruled over the mysteries of our life; to their laws we have substituted our knowledge, daughters of that scientific thought which shares with the Pathos, in atavistic dualism, its place in our world of men.