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MADINA – Teatro alla Scala


Once again in collaboration with Carlo Cerri, and commissioned by the Teatro alla Scala in Milan, OOOPStudio designed the videos for the scenographies of Madina, a ballet show set to music by Fabio Vacchi, based on the original novel “La ragazza che non voleva morire” by Emmanuelle Villepin, starring Antonella Albano, prima ballerina of La Scala, and Roberto Bolle in the role of the villain.

The stage displays an engaged theatre work representing themes linked to modernity, for which the designers have produced coherent images that well suite the subject and the issues related to women, violence, terrorism, religious fundamentalism and war, accomplishing the necessity to express important concepts and problems connected to the present moment, together with the imprint and stylistic research typical of OOOPStudio.

The result is an original production with a contemporary aesthetic, designed by technology, but also rich in realism – albeit digitized – obtained through the use of natural elements existing in the current world, leaving very little space for abstraction which, where present, is reported in a minimalist, essential, clean way.