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Playful, creative, magical, colourful, choleric, goliardic, escaping from the conventional… with the video-scenography of Rossini & Rossini, realised in collaboration with Carlo Cerri, OOOPStudio closes its 2023 theatre season by giving/displaying/showcasing  a vision of the settings for the dance performance directed by choreographer Mauro Bigonzetti for the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma, with live orchestra and singers.

The projections realised for the two-part show are a completely new and modern interpretation of Rossini’s settings/scenarios/visual background/ambience / rossinian atmosphere, paying homage to the Italian composer Gioachino Rossini and his most famous works, skilfully mixing or alternating that dual identity of the maestro, as creative and unconventional as he is masterful in his execution. Led by this dualism, OOOPStudio proposes a visual that is as serious as it is playful, staging solemn architectures but also colourful, creative, kaleidoscopic settings, paying homage to Rossini’s creativity and the liveliness of his music. The video-scenography is inspired by the time when the musician lived and those places where his creative genius gave life to his most famous works, as to say the bourgeois contexts of the rich 19th century palaces and the picturesque Parisian, Bolognese and Neapolitan salons where evenings of music and dance were enjoyed, which stimulated the composer’s imagination but that he rejected at the same time. The resulting imagery was created thinking of the concept of contrast, inherent in Rossini’s personality as much as in his operas, which definitely broke with the previous musical tradition.