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Carlo Cerri | Alessandro Grisendi | Marco Noviello

“It would be as opening a door, that is to say, as raising the curtain, and entering a dream, actually in a world that we own and that is ours one more time, before projecting into the future: a “visual materializing” between shared memory and the time-that-will-come, between identity and the worths of the present, that the people that go to this place want to, of if they want to, bring with them through the future time. Everyone has the possibility to obtain whatever they want:  it’s better not to ‘put a damper’ on the emotional and aesthetic encounter by too many explanations…”.

The facade of the Ariosto theater, the Parco del Popolo and the rest of the buildings around the Vittoria’s square will be the background of the projections: these one will be first geometrically “drown” by lights, and then shaped one more time, contaminated, “stranged” thanks to games of light and sound, and more, to host fantastic figures, great profiles of  two women, an eagle: symbols of creativity, culture, tradition, discovering new things, and of the future.

“This installation, as I mentioned before, takes inspiration from a dream, told in a passage of Aeschylus’ Persians of 2.500 ages ago. It reviews the characteristics of that “Weltanschaung”, by the representation of two women symbolising, one of the traditional well-enstablished civilization, the other one of the free thought, longing for finding out where the diversity took place,and to create a new civilitazion. The place, that is nowadays still maintaining firmly its meaning of meeting, exchanging, of tradition and new acquaintances, is the square. A square that is going to change itself is the symbol of a city, in other words, of a society which continues its social progress, while distinguishing its fundamental values.”

There will also be lighting mentions of other squares from all over Europe and the World, “sisters” of that one in Reggio Emilia, to subtitle an ideal and real bound between places that make up a public place, a meeting place, where the civil life and a community was born: just the square.
Thanks to the help of light, will emerge one by one the objects and the points of the new Vittoria’s Square: starting from the furnishings to the sources of light, from the sitting places to the peculiarity of the paving, to the sporting and common area… Together with the faces of yesterday and of today, that are the true soul of the square itself.

Direction: Carlo Cerri

3D Animation: Marco Noviello

Compositing: Alessandro Grisendi