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Appartenenze - Fotografia Europea


Alessandro Grisendi | Marco Noviello | Raffaello De Vito

The meaning of belonging is polysemic, but it can reduced in two prevailing meanings: a stereotyped concept of belonging, stationary and conservative, reflected on itself, closed against the other, reluctant to accept diversity, blind and regressed; and the concept of belonging supported by the theme of combination and fusion between genres and peoples. In our contemporary society we live closer to people that cross a common ground and that come from far away, our idea of belonging is the one that shares the second meaning: a kind of belonging perceived as necessary for evolution, as the arrival point for the new generations that will expand, thanks to it, the possibilities of living together in dialogue, exchange and mutual enrichment of knowledge. Moving from here, we grouped fractions of reality in a combined assemblage that is presented just for what it is. Starting from the detail of the innocent imperfections, of perceptible differences, we finally turn it into a unique illusion, in a fragmented continuum. A work of destructured frames, where the eye does not have time to distinguish a single image. In fact, the eye is captured by a shape, by a strong oxymoronic discontinuity used to tie together the images, in this way producing emotions and awesomenesses, challenging thinking, rationality, logic and the laws of Gestalt.

Direction/Edit – Alessandro Grisendi, Marco Noviello

Video Photography – il_Bramante

Photography – Raffaello De Vito