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Bosco Mistico


Marco Noviello | Alessandro Grisendi

2020 – Where man cannot assert himself, there is an uncontaminated place, always present but forgotten. The wood, sacred and vital, accompanies us eternally like a silent witness, breathing next to us and going on with its productive cycle, even when, as the night falls, the city stops. Through every fibre and every inhabitant, animal or plant, nature keeps operating, making the magic of awakening possible. When the machine shuts down, the forest carries on its mysterious work giving life to a ritual that takes place from dusk to dawn: trees talk moving their branches, each swing is like a whisper, leaves are words, grass stalks sway and touch each other, barks creak and stretch…

Through an immersive installation that involves all the senses, the project Bosco Mistico invites to rediscover and experience the natural world in a magical moment, reminding us to linger, finding ourselves again, perceiving and becoming aware of the space around us. Videos, set inside the natural environment, on the grassy ground or suspended from the branches, establish a connection with the wood emphasizing its details through the anatomical observation. Plants and animals, like leaves and insects, graphically re-elaborated into monochromatic simple geometrical images, become part of a multisensory, contemplative and dynamic installation that dialogues with nature. Screens overlap and follow each other creating a holographic effect; the projection on transparent texture allows looking over the display so to blend artifice and nature as much as possible, perfectly situating the video within the living space surrounding, in its proper context. With an intervention aimed at enhancing microscopic and macroscopic details of the forest, the installation lets us approach to nature by recreating a link with it. The projection recalls immediately sight and hearing, the wood adds sensations of smell and touch with a freshness that hits the cheeks and a petrichor that bitterly reaches the nostrils. The immersion is all-embracing, the artifice communicates with nature without distortion, connecting each element within a single organism, in an environment of flows and exchanges that shows up as a circulatory system pulsing through lifeblood spreading the mystery of existence.

Production: OOOPStudio | Concept e Direction: Alessandro Grisendi – Marco Noviello | Editing, Music, Real Time Generative System: Alessandro Grisendi