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Eugenio Scigliano | Alessandro Grisendi | Marco Noviello | Carlo Cerri

The myth of Don Quixote has managed to go through the centuries, while staying for the collective imaginary as the gigantic and utopic struggle of the man, who is looking for his identity in a world that is changing fast and that is quickly pulling down the past ideals. In this project Aterballetto is proposing to you a very singular revisitation of the Cervantic hero. He, our Don Quixote, has the only weapon of his imagination, and submerges himself in an oneiric world, crowded with improbable characters, in a context of disorientation, but where he strenuously manages to defeat the value of imagination and of friendship above all, the only strongholds of an adrift epoch. In an atmosphere of spanish taste, between past and present, here the artistic research of OOOPStudio takes place, that puts on, in collaboration with the light-designer & set-designer Carlo Cerri and in a perfect synergy with the choreography of Eugenio Scigliano, a vivid dynamic video-setdesign is projected on material sails, a part is made with video taping and an other part with a 3D graphic work. OOOPStudio becomes an integral part of the dynamics directly on stage, interpreting the commemoration of the places and atmospheres, through a careful aesthetic research.

The set design, thanks to a planned agreement with the scenic actions,makes the performance wearing symbolic chromatisms and suggestive locations, where the physical projection oversteps its material borders, becoming the mental projection of the gestuality of dance and creating a complex process of the vivification of the theatrical context.

OOOPStudio project adds more meanings to the performance thanks to the ability of evoking feelings but also places and concrete symbols. Dancers move themselves among ancient burning books, woods that are difficult to go through, windmills and cranes.

Travel, history and actuality mix together. Don Quixote shines and dips himself of messages. The hero, or even better, the antihero of yesterday becomes the one of today. Against the light we can see the projection of the artist, of all the artists, their shadows projected against the scene, the shadows of the ones, who are armed with their own sensibility and determination, and that take out into the world the mission to cause astonishment.

Production: Fondanzione Nazionale della Danza Aterballetto

Coreography – Eugenio Scigliano

Music- Folk Spanish Music, Kimmo Pohjonen

Stage & Lights Design- Carlo Cerri

Video Concept – OOOPStudio/Carlo Cerri

Video Making – OOOPStudio

Costumes – Kristopher Millar and Lois Swandale