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La Grande Madre


Carlo Cerri | Alessandro Grisendi | Marco Noviello

It’s quite shocking to think about how just a mention about working in the countryside, or just a few words about the earth can immediately project the mind to those sort of stories, that during the centuries have both taken on quite the same value of the fables and to our fathers have been the attempt to give an explanation of “How everything has begin” and how the “Great Mother”  has marked our existence, generating “the rythm of men and seasons”. During the history myth has been changed, rewritten, has disappeared and then re-emerged, has drove along imaginative hyperbole, but it is unquestioned that it is known as one of the main archetypes of our culture.

Concept | Carlo Cerri

Direction | Carlo Cerri – OOOPStudio

3D Modeling| Marco Noviello

Compositing | Alessandro Grisendi

Music | “Morire” – Massimo Zamboni
Musical arrangement | Cristiano Roversi
with Simone Filippi, Simone Beneventi, Erik Montanari