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Luce Sintetica


Marco Noviello | Alessandro Grisendi

The day begins at the moment when the first glimmer of Sun touches the Earth, illuminating everything that inhabits it. Light wakes up every animated being and gives vital energy that sets in motion the wonderful process of life. Only if illuminated everything awakens: chlorophyll photosynthesis lights up and restores strength to every plant thanks to the presence of sunlight. Just as day follows night and light follows darkness, spring follows the torpor of winter, illuminating flowers and plants, infusing Life.

Observing light investing everything and conferring existence, OOOPStudio, once again, pays homage to nature and its fulfilling presence, capturing the moment of a new beginning and its beauty, investigating its cyclicality. As in reality, so in the artwork Luce Sintetica, light is the fundamental generator element and it is from the light that digital, organic and pulsating sculptures come to life, created through videos or images on lightboxes: the lymph flows inside the vegetal arterial structure illuminating, pervading and framing the entire form. The intentional black-white two-toned, leitmotif of OOOPStudio’s aesthetics, finds correspondence in the real action of photosynthesis: white light writes existence by making nature emerge from the darkness of non-life. The figures are threadlike, suspended, created by a dense web of digital filaments, abstracted from their context and immortalized in their uniqueness and singularity: a poppy with stem and petals, a leaf fallen from a tree, a seed that looks like a pair of wings… The emphasis is on the moment of birth, on the infusion of life, and at the same time on the process dictated by light. Each subject emerges from the background and becomes a sundial that marks the passage of a lapse of time: that of the day, from sunrise to sunset, or that of life, from birth to death.

Production: OOOPStudio

Concept: Alessandro Grisendi e Marco Noviello

Photogrammetry e 3D Rendering: Marco Noviello