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Marco Noviello | Alessandro Grisendi

In collaboration with the Japanese choreographer and dancer Kihako Narisawa, OOOPStudio created the video for TRAJECTORY, a visual artwork conceived for the dance show that took place at Sadler’s Wells Theater in London, within the MOMENTUM program by Fabula Collective.

The video is inspired by the choreographic concept and developed in harmony with the performative action: the bodies of the dancers float in an imaginary, almost dreamlike space, following a trajectory driven by light. In the background, the scenario created by OOOPStudio is a mathematical transposition of this cosmic vastness and movements that take place within it. A trace made of digital signals outlines the narration of a journey in a white universe or lunar surface.

The result is a visual element of pure abstraction in which the perpetual motion seems to be dictated by chance, but it is actually specifically obtained by mixing two Perlin Noise sources together in a recursive feedback process. This process, almost following the movement of bodies, creates waves that chase and overlap each other giving life to a balanced system that harmonizes with the dance, generating a continuity. The result is a work of Generative Art, obtained through the creation of a software that proposes a different version of the visual each time: what we see is just one of the many possible iterations, never identical.

The undulatory movement is made natural and organic by the inclusion of variables, external interacting elements, such as music and voices. The bright white is a chromatic choice due to the relevance of the concept and coming from the sensation aroused by the sounds used. All these elements, visual and sound, contribute to the search for a suspended atmosphere, a representation of the cosmic and dreamy space, in which a continuous interference, inputs from the outside, creeps and brings back to reality.

Production: Fabula Collective

Choreography: Kihako Narisawa

Video Design: OOOPStudio

Performer: Grace Lyell + Kihako Narisawa

Composer: Masahiro Hiramoto