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Bosco Mistico – 1.1_ZENONEcontemporanea | Fotografia Europea 2023 Reggio Emilia (IT)


With Bosco Mistico ZENONEcontemporanea presents in a art gallery the recent research of OOOPStudio, an immersive installation that will involve the public in an unsettling environment, set by a “new” nature that cannot fail to accompany us towards a profound reflection on the anxieties of our contemporary, dramatically marked from a degenerate relationship with the environment, in all its forms.
The path proposed here combines elements of a physical nature with synthetic and digital suggestions, with the logic of activating a loop capable of defining a complete sense of today’s multifaceted perception of the environment in which we all live. Immersed. And this journey that OOOPStudio invite us to undertake, free and instinctive, is physically immersive, to grasp all those suggestions that will lead us to reflect on the deepest meaning of the contemporary.
It is really difficult to describe this poetic journey that embraces and investigates different techniques and motivations, revealing itself capable of instinctively captivating to merge distant instances, real nature that is told and idealized without ever disappearing, with the aim of being able to free it again in its real world.