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Marco Noviello | Alessandro Grisendi


Abstract Redemption

Illustrated (through)

Artificial Intelligence

The world of contemporary art is always seeking new ways to engage the audience and create immersive, participative experiences. A.R.I.A.I. emerges within this context with the aim to challenge traditional art conventions and elevate the interaction between humanity and technology to an entirely new level. The core concept is to create a space where both artificial intelligence and human input contribute to the creative process, transforming viewers into co-authors of the artwork itself. The installation merges artificial intelligence with human creative expression to craft an interactive and engaging audiovisual piece. This innovative project sets out to explore the frontiers of digital art and human-machine interaction, providing the audience with a unique and stimulating experience.

Key to this endeavor is the direct interaction between the audience and the installation itself. Using a graphic tablet, visitors can draw and submit their ideas to the system. These inputs are then interpreted and processed by artificial intelligence, which uses them to generate new images. This continuous feedback loop creates a cycle of co-creation in which the artwork evolves in real-time in response to the actions and intentions of the audience. To enable this complex interaction between humans and machines, A.R.I.A.I. makes extensive use of cutting-edge technologies. The installation’s programming is executed through TouchDesigner, a powerful multimedia authoring software. Additionally, the installation is equipped with an artificial intelligence system based on neural networks, capable of fulfilling the audience’s requests in real-time.

One of the most intriguing aspects is the ability to generate new AI-generated images from visual and textual inputs provided by the audience. This is made possible thanks to a method called “txt2img”, which enables the system to interpret and manipulate images in a creative and innovative manner. The result is a series of unique and surprising visual compositions that continuously evolve in response to audience interactions. A.R.I.A.I. is not merely a visual artwork but a complete multisensory experience. The ongoing transformation of the pixels of the luminous sculpture in real-time adds dynamism and vibrancy to the artwork, while the generative movement contributes to a constantly evolving light effect in the surrounding environment.

Another distinctive element is its capacity to adapt and interact with the surrounding exhibition space. Through techniques such as mapping on the side walls, Ledwall, and video projections with graphic animations, the installation can entirely transform the environment in which it is placed, offering the audience a variety of unique perspectives and viewpoints. Fundamental to the project is the preservation and sharing of the results of interactions with the audience. Every image and audiovisual sequence generated by the installation is archived and made accessible via a QR code generated by the software, enabling visitors to explore and appreciate the diversity of creations.

A.R.I.A.I. aspires to become not only an artistic installation but also a hub for a broader creative community. The presence of various presentation modes and the ability to share and visualize results in real-time foster a culture of collaboration and idea exchange among visitors. This dynamic of sharing and collective visualization of results nurtures the emergence of a vibrant creative community, where users can inspire each other, learn new techniques, and actively participate in the creation and enjoyment of digital art.

In conclusion, A.R.I.A.I. represents an innovative fusion of art, technology, and human-machine interaction, offering the audience a unique and engaging experience.

Production: OOOPStudio

Concept: Alessandro Grisendi | Marco Noviello

Software Development: Alessandro Grisendi

Led Sculpture construction: Marco Noviello | Alessandro Grisendi