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Alessandro Grisendi | Marco Noviello

2024 – The world of art continues to be a fertile ground for innovation and the exploration of the boundaries of human imagination. One of the most innovative forms of art emerging in this context is projection mapping, which combines digital and architectural elements to create unique multisensory experiences. In this dynamic artistic landscape, the International Mapping Contest of Lille stands out as a global stage for creative expression through this art form.

It is in this stimulating context that the Kairos project was born, with the ambitious goal of capturing the audience’s imagination and engaging them in an exciting journey through the intersection of technology and creativity. The very name of the project evokes a sense of opportunity and auspicious moment, reflecting the idea of an artistic experience that captures the moment and transforms the audience’s perception.

We embraced the most cutting-edge technologies in the field of projection mapping to bring the Kairos project to life. 3D mapping was one of our main techniques, allowing us to create dynamic projections that adapt remarkably to the shapes and surfaces of the surrounding architecture. Fluid simulations added an additional level of realism and organic transformation, bringing the architectural environment to new life.

However, the true innovation of Kairos lies in the use of artificial intelligence. This technology enabled a unique collaboration between humans and machines in the creation of unique and evocative artworks. Artificial intelligence contributed to generating projections and visual effects, introducing new creative perspectives into our work.

The musical and sound contribution of Sophie Schnell was fundamental to the sensory experience offered by mapping. Her original compositions added an emotional and engaging atmosphere, guiding the audience through a captivating narrative journey. Sound design completed the experience, creating direct connections with the visual distortions present in the artwork and adding an element of cohesion and synergy to the overall experience.

Beyond its artistic dimension, the project represents an opportunity to reflect on the increasingly central role of technology in contemporary art. The integration of advanced technologies such as 3D mapping and artificial intelligence opens up new creative possibilities, allowing artists to explore previously unimaginable territories. Furthermore, Kairos demonstrates the power of art in transforming public space, turning urban environments into settings for creative expression and human connection.

Production: OOOPStudio for Video Mapping Contest Lille (France) 2024

Direction: Alessandro Grisendi / Marco Noviello

3D Artist: Marco Noviello

Editing e VFX: Alessandro Grisendi

Music: Sophie Schnell