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Luce dal Caos


Carlo Cerri | Marco Noviello | Alessandro Grisendi

2022 – In collaboration with Carlo Cerri and the Municipality of Modena, OOOPStudio created the mapping Luce dal Caos (Light from the Chaos), represented on the Metropolitan Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta in Cielo and San Geminiano, on the occasion of the celebration of New Year 2022.

The project is a journey through light, in which reality and imagination, stimulated by a technological short circuit, overlap and chase each other. The perception of the beholder is absorbed and mocked by the deception of sight and the illusion of real images that go beyond reality.

The walls of the Cathedral, a famous Romanesque architecture, are already molded into architectural and figurative forms by the sculptor Wiligelmo. The stone abandons its hardness and transforms  into a support of visions and vision itself, becoming witness and protagonist of a visual reflection on the presumed order of things.

The representation is inspired by suggestions coming from Dante’s verses, which led to the realization of an imaginary path that goes from a land generated by the original chaos, lashed by blades of fire and sunk by relentless seas, and ends with the light that irradiates the vault at the exit of the narrow hole, leading us out of the valley submerged by the frost. The screeching of the frozen lake is replaced by the luxuriance of a forest, dwelling of natural elements.

“There are many terrible things, but of all the most terrible is man”, wrote Sophocles in Antigone. Man is terrible and admirable: the footprints of his steps are often signs of destruction, but along his path, man has done admirable things, able to leave the mark of the wonders of his art. Since man’s need to tell and represent, Luce dal Caos is a visual journey that starts from raw stone and arrives at the geometric rigor of architectural forms that interact with the forms of nature, like paintings transfigured into volumes.

The entire performance is accompanied by the music of George Frideric Handel and the symphonic score realized by Bruno Moretti, creating a perfect narration of the forces of nature which, through its elements, fire, water and air, leads to the restoration of those balances altered by man.

Production: Ater Modena

Direction: OOOPStudio & Carlo Cerri

3D Contents: Marco Noviello

Editing & VFX: Alessandro Grisendi

Music: Georg Friedrich Händel

Sound Design & Music Interventions: Bruno Moretti