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Luce Sintetica


Marco Noviello | Alessandro Grisendi

2023 – The dawn of the day is a magical moment, when the first glimmer of the sun caresses the Earth, illuminating every corner and awakening the beings that inhabit it. Light, the bearer of vital energy, initiates the marvelous process of life, a symphonic ballet that involves every form of present life. Everything awakens under its warmth: chlorophyll photosynthesis ignites and revitalizes every plant entity, harnessing the power of the sun as a primordial gift. Just as day follows night and light follows darkness, so spring follows the winter’s slumber, bestowing light upon flowers and plants, infusing life everywhere.

Through careful observation of this light that permeates everything, we have sought to pay homage to nature and its fulfilling presence. Capturing the moment of new beginnings and all its beauty, the work “Synthetic Light” becomes an exploration into the cyclical nature of this eternal phenomenon. In art, as in reality, light emerges as the foundational element, the generator of life. Digital, organic, and pulsating sculptures come to life through videos or images on lightboxes: sap flows through the vascular structure of vegetation, illuminating, pervading, and intertwining the entire form.

The deliberate choice of black and white bicromy, a leitmotif of the aesthetic, finds resonance in the real action of photosynthesis: white light writes existence, bringing forth nature from the darkness of non-life. The figures are filiform, suspended, created by a dense web of digital filaments, abstracted from their context and immortalized in their uniqueness and singularity. A poppy, with its stem and petals visible, a leaf fallen from an unknown tree, a seed resembling a pair of wings… Each subject emerges from the background, transforming into a sundial marking the passage of time, whether a day from sunrise to sunset or a lifetime from birth to death.

In this reflection on the essence of life, the exploration focuses on the moment of birth and the infusion of life, highlighting the process dictated by light. The works become visual testimonies of this continuous cycle, capturing the ephemeral yet eternal essence of life blossoming under the sunlight. The intrinsic nature of this cycle manifests in this work, creating a visual dialogue that connects the observer with the eternal wonder of existence.

Production: OOOPStudio

Concept: Alessandro Grisendi e Marco Noviello

Photogrammetry e 3D Rendering: Marco Noviello