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La Memoria del Fuoco


Marco Noviello | Alessandro Grisendi

2023 – Fire, a mysterious and divinely originated element, has always captivated the human imagination. An evanescent presence that, according to legend, was stolen from the gods and later tamed by humans who learned to invoke and provoke it. Like time, fire presents itself as an uncontrollable and at times elusive force. Its existence is paradoxical: to survive, it burns, consuming itself, and when it finds nothing more to ignite, it slowly fades away, dies.

Fire and time share a kind of common damnation: both consume everything they touch, leaving their mark, exiling what once was to the past. Time feeds on memory, while fire is a heterotrophic body that feeds on another body, consuming it until extinction. Seemingly insignificant objects, often overlooked in daily routine, become symbols of something destined to be archived and forgotten. Fire takes on the role of a transformative agent, burning and condemning objects to extinction, but also carrying with it the continuation of their existence. The cathode-ray tube television, the telephone booth, the walkman, the rotary phone, the carousel… all burnt, yet simultaneously saved from the condemnation of oblivion.

In this context, a fiery thread weaves through, connecting each video and each object, becoming the thread of memory that prevents fire from extinguishing completely. Daily life, represented by city sounds, the passing of people, and speeding vehicles, continues frenetically, almost indifferent to the destruction of objects, in the constant renewal of its modernity.

The artwork thus becomes a profound reflection on the cyclical nature of time and its connection to fire, a force that destroys to regenerate. Through visual and symbolic language, this creation conveys the message of life’s transience and continuous rebirth, highlighting fire’s ability to burn the old and give rise to something new. The thread of memory, woven through fire, indissolubly connects the past to the present and the future, revealing the complexity and inevitability of the cycle of life.

Production: OOOPStudio

3D Render & Fluid Simulations: Marco Noviello

Color Correction & Post Production: Alessandro Grisendi