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Marco Noviello | Alessandro Grisendi

2022 – Born from the synergy between the creative vision of Japanese choreographer Kihako Narisawa and the Fabula collective, the dance performance “TRAJECTORY” took center stage at the Sadler’s Wells Theatre in London as part of the MOMENTUM program. Conceived from the outset with the integration of visuals harmonizing with the performative action, it takes the audience on a journey through an imaginary and dreamlike space, guided by light and transformed by the mathematical representation of the universe provided by OOOPStudio.

The video scenography captures the essence of dancing bodies floating in a suspended atmosphere. This virtual space, represented by a lunar surface and a white universe, becomes the canvas upon which the dance unfolds. The central element is the trajectory, a succession of movements orchestrated by light and accentuated by digital signals that narrate the path. What makes this work unique is the use of a generative approach in visual art. Stemming from the concept of two bodies floating in search of a trajectory, we translated this idea into the digital realm, using two Noise signals as video sources. These signals were mixed using recursive feedback techniques, allowing the output to become a source of input within the same mathematical process. The result is a series of “waves” interfering with each other, creating movement in the white space outlined by the choreographic concept.

In the context of this generative system, instability arises, and if left unchecked, it could lead the system to extreme outcomes, such as an entirely white or black image. Our intervention in this phase is aimed at maintaining balance in the system, preventing it from reaching absolute results. Within this mathematical representation, we sought to introduce variables that would lend organicity and naturalness to the movement of the waves. External and interactive elements, such as music, voice, and the direction of the dancers’ movement, were integrated to control certain parameters of the generative process. This continuous interference of random inputs and real elements forms the basis for achieving a result that is always slightly different each time the generative process is initiated. Just as the two bodies influence each other on stage, the two “noise” elements strive to stay alive by influencing each other and going out of phase, constantly creating new dynamic forms. This interplay between randomness and human intervention contributes to maintaining the vitality of the performance with each iteration, offering an ever-evolving spectacle. The result is an apparently random perpetual motion, carefully shaped by waves that chase and overlap, creating a visual continuity essential for the dynamics of the show.

The magic of “TRAJECTORY” goes beyond choreography or visuals; it finds a crucial element in the deep connection with the musical compositions of Masahiro Hiramoto. The composer contributes to shaping the dreamlike atmosphere of the performance, providing a soundtrack that goes beyond mere accompaniment. The music becomes a guiding element, influencing the movement of the dancing bodies and creating an emotional connection with the visuals. His ability to translate emotional sounds into a language intertwined with movement and visual art adds a level of depth and complexity, transforming “TRAJECTORY” into a multisensory work of rare intensity.

The undulating movement, influenced by the synergy of sounds and images, takes on an organic naturalness that immerses the audience in a suspended and dreamlike space.

Production: Fabula Collective

Choreography: Kihako Narisawa

Video Design: OOOPStudio

Performer: Grace Lyell + Kihako Narisawa

Composer: Masahiro Hiramoto